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    Ceremony Time & Location

    Reception Time & Location (include address please)

    Coordinator / Contact Person During The Event

    *NOTE: This is the person who should be responsible for notifying us of your arrival, so that we are prepared to announce you. It is best that it not be a member of the bridal party or a parent, as they are usually busy greeting and interacting with your guests.

    Emergency Contact Name/Number for Day of Event

    Contact Person for Payment Day of Event


    Bride's Name

    Groom's Name

    Maid/Matron of Honor's Name

    Best Man's Name


    Would you like to be introduced as you enter?

    Please indicate how you would like to be introduced. Meaning will be using your first names or Mr & Mrs, etc.?

    Will anyone be offering a toast prior to the cutting of the cake?

    If yes, please indicate the name (or names) in the order they are to speak.

    Will anyone be saying grace or giving a welcome?

    If yes, please indicate the name (or names) in the order they are to speak.

    Will there be a bouquet toss?

    Would you like any particular song played?

    Will there be a garter toss?

    Would you like any particular song played?

    Will you have a formal "Exit"?

    Are there instructions for the guest you would like us to announce?


    Bridal Dance Song (Please include title and artist)

    Father/Daughter Dance (Please include title and artist)

    Mother/Son Dance (Please include title and artist)

    *NOTE: The Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances are often combined. We recommend that the Groom “spontaneously” escort his mother to the floor after the first verse of the song. If he is distracted the DJ can of course request their presence.

    First Fast Song (Please include title and artist)

    If you leave the dance floor people will naturally follow your lead. We recommend having the bridal party join you for a fun dance to get the party started.

    Last Slow song of The Night (Please include title and artist)

    We suggest that you dance a “Last Slow Song” it lets your guests know that you are ready to leave. It also lets you have a few moments to breathe and relax. Plus it lets you dance to your bridal song again or add in the song that was your second choice.


    The following is the standard order of events. Please let us know approximate times and if you would like any variation in the order.
    Fanfare / Introduction
    Cake Cutting
    Bridal Dance
    Father Daughter Dance
    Mother Son Dance
    Bouquet & Garter Toss

    Please indicate your order of events and approximate times


    No Play List

    This is your opportunity to tell us what you absolutely do not want to hear at your reception. Please refrain from general categories such as “rap” / “r&b” / “pop”. Those are somewhat relative to interpretations. You can assume that we will not play anything unedited or offensive so think in terms of songs that have been overplayed or just in general are irritating to you.


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